Parvati is the Hindu Goddess of Love and Beauty. The wife of Lord Shiva and mother of Ganesha, she is adored by Hindus everywhere. Parvati gives her love and blessings freely to all. She is known for her great felicity, nurturing and fertility.
Parvati employed the help of Kama, the love god, to enchant Lord Shiva and make him her husband.
On their honeymoon, Shiva and Parvati scaled the great Mount Kailasha where they spent many years in sacred union.

This fragrance, inspired by Parvati, is composed of rare and precious woods - Creamy Sandalwood from Caledonia, Exotic Cabrueva wood from the South Pacific, and Sweet Parvati Sandalwood. The fragrance is enhanced with a touch of Rosewood and Ambergris.

Notes: Cypress Leaf, Rosewood, Caledonian Sandalwood, Parvati Sandalwood, Cabrueva Wood, Peruvian Balsam, Orris Root, Ambergris

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