Ava Luxe is the collection of perfumes created by Serena Ava Goode. Serena resides  Massachusetts and draws inspiration from exotica, music, art, the mystical and dreams.

I love to create perfumes that evoke happy memories. I believe that certain fragrances can have an uplifting effect on emotions, help attain a sense of serenity, or even help center your consciousness for improving meditation practices. Many of my fragrances reflect my love of exotica and the mystical. I'm also inspired very much by music, art, and cinema. All of my fragrances are hand crafted and made to order. Indulge your senses and create a unique fragrance wardrobe.

Ava Luxe perfumes are made from the finest aromatic ingredients. All Ava Luxe perfumes are completely cruelty free and vegan friendly. We do not test on animals or use any animal products in our fragrances.

I hope my perfumes bring you much joy, love and happiness!

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